Taking Your Designs to the Next Level: A Holistic Approach

Aadil Verma

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Apr 01, 2024

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Taking Your Designs to the Next Level: A Holistic Approach


Design is a multifaceted discipline that encompasses usefulness, usability, and beauty. In order to create designs that truly stand out, it is important to focus on these three key aspects. However, it is equally important to avoid getting caught up in perfecting every detail, as this can hinder progress. This article will explore how to elevate your designs by prioritizing the user experience, incorporating actionable advice, and embracing the power of iteration.

The Holistic Experience: Useful, Usable, and Beautiful Designs:

The best designs are those that are useful, usable, and beautiful. Usefulness refers to the ability of a design to solve a problem or fulfill a need. Usability is about creating designs that are intuitive and easy to navigate. Lastly, beauty refers to the visual appeal of a design. By combining these three elements, designers can create a holistic experience that resonates with users.

Bias for Action: Building Fast and Iterating:

One common mistake designers make is spending too much time perfecting the aesthetics of a design before testing its functionality. Instead, it is important to adopt a bias for action and prioritize building quickly. By creating a minimum viable product and gathering feedback early on, designers can identify areas for improvement and iterate accordingly. This approach allows for faster progress and more effective problem-solving.

The CHATS Framework: A Guide to Effective Design:

To create visually appealing designs, it is helpful to follow the CHATS framework. This framework stands for Color/Contrast, Hierarchy, Alignment, Type, and Spacing. By paying attention to these elements, designers can create designs that are visually balanced and aesthetically pleasing. Incorporating the CHATS framework into the design process can greatly enhance the overall user experience.

Finding the Right Track for Videos:

In the realm of video production, finding the perfect track can greatly enhance the overall experience. Instead of spending excessive time searching for the ideal soundtrack, it is more efficient to continuously discover tracks that resonate with the desired tone. By building a library of suitable tracks, designers can easily plug them into their projects when the need arises.

Maximizing Reach: Post Everywhere:

In the age of the internet, posting content on multiple platforms can greatly increase its reach. Instead of limiting content to a single platform, it is beneficial to crosspost on various platforms such as Hacker News and Reddit. This allows for increased exposure and the potential to reach a larger audience with minimal effort. To maximize the chances of success, it is important to place bets strategically and diversify the platforms on which content is shared.

Embrace the Journey: Avoid Comparison:

When starting out in any field, it is natural to compare oneself to more experienced individuals. However, it is essential to remember that everyone has their own unique journey and timeline. Comparing oneself to others can be demotivating and hinder personal growth. Instead, it is important to focus on personal progress and embrace the learning process. Like a baby learning to walk, it takes time and practice to master new skills.


Taking your designs to the next level requires a holistic approach that prioritizes usefulness, usability, and beauty. By embracing a bias for action, incorporating the CHATS framework, and maximizing reach through crossposting, designers can elevate their work and create impactful designs. Remember to embrace the journey and avoid comparing yourself to others. Keep iterating, learning, and growing, and success will follow.

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