The Therapeutic Turn: How Psychology Altered Western Culture

By Ole Jacob Madsen
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"The Therapeutic Turn" by Ole Jacob Madsen is a groundbreaking exploration of the shift towards therapy in our modern society. Madsen examines the factors contributing to this phenomenon, including the rise of individualism, the quest for self-improvement, and the influence of popular culture. By tracing the historical development of the therapeutic mindset, Madsen sheds light on its pervasive presence in today's social, political, and cultural spheres.

Drawing on extensive research from psychology, sociology, and philosophy, Madsen dissects the underlying principles and practices of the therapeutic turn. He investigates the therapeutic relationship as a mutual exchange of expert knowledge, exploring how this dynamic shapes our understanding of selfhood and wellbeing. Additionally, Madsen critically evaluates the ethical implications of the therapeutic turn, questioning its potential for depoliticization and the erasure of social responsibility.

With a nuanced perspective, Madsen challenges the prevailing assumption that therapy provides the ultimate solution to individual and societal issues. By interrogating the therapeutic turn's impact on notions of identity, agency, and community, Madsen encourages readers to critically engage with the therapeutic mindset and consider the broader societal implications of our increasingly therapeutic culture.

"The Therapeutic Turn" offers a thought-provoking analysis of the permeation of therapeutic ideas and practices in contemporary society. Madsen's comprehensive exploration will appeal to scholars, practitioners, and anyone interested in understanding the complex interplay between therapy, selfhood, and the broader social context.
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