Drunk Tank Pink: The Subconscious Forces that Shape How We Think, Feel, and Behave

By Adam Alter
In "Drunk Tank Pink," Adam Alter explores the powerful influence of subtle environmental cues on human thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

Drawing on a range of experiments and studies, Alter reveals how seemingly innocuous factors like colors, words, and even the weather can impact our decisions and perceptions without our conscious awareness.

He uncovers compelling evidence that the color pink, known as "drunk tank pink," has the ability to reduce aggression and calm individuals, leading to its use in prison cells and football locker rooms.

Moreover, Alter delves into the persuasive effects of words and language, demonstrating how subtle linguistic variations can shape our attitudes and actions.

From the effect of background music on our purchasing choices to the impact of temperature on our generosity, Alter illustrates how our environment exerts a surprising extent of control over us.

Through engaging storytelling and thought-provoking analysis, "Drunk Tank Pink" offers a fascinating exploration of the hidden cues that shape our behavior, enabling readers to gain a deeper understanding of their own experiences and the world around them.
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