Consciousness: An Introduction

By Susan Blackmore
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"Consciousness" by Susan Blackmore is a comprehensive exploration of the nature and mysteries surrounding the concept of consciousness.In this thought-provoking book, Blackmore delves into the science of consciousness from various perspectives, blending philosophical insights with scientific findings.

She begins by examining the ancient origins of consciousness, tracing its evolution through the ages and highlighting the role of introspection in our understanding of self-awareness.

Blackmore then delves into the fascinating fields of neuroscience and cognitive psychology, unraveling the neural mechanisms that give rise to conscious experiences and unraveling the mysteries of perception, attention, memory, and selfhood.

Drawing on cutting-edge research, she investigates altered states of consciousness such as sleep, dreams, meditation, and psychedelics, shedding light on the phenomena encountered within these realms and their significance for our understanding of human consciousness.

With a critical eye, Blackmore also dismantles traditional assumptions about consciousness, questioning the existence of a central "I" and challenging the notion of free will, ultimately presenting a compelling argument for a more distributed and fluid conception of self.

Finally, she explores the implications of robotic and artificial intelligence advancements, predicting potential future scenarios where conscious machines may exist and whether they could help unravel the ultimate nature of consciousness.

"Consciousness" reveals a captivating journey through the depths of human awareness, inviting readers to contemplate their own place in the intricate web of consciousness and offering valuable insights into one of the most enthralling puzzles of the human experience.
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