The Hot Hand: How the Search for a Missing War Hero, Shakespeare’s Lucky Flea, a Wall Street Champion, Three Guys in Front of a TV and a Series of Long, Long Shots Reveal the Hidden Secrets of the Winning Streak

By Ben Cohen
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"The Hot Hand" by Ben Cohen delves into the fascinating phenomenon of streaks and its implications in the world of sports. Cohen explores the belief in 'the hot hand' - that players who have experienced success are likely to continue performing well. Through extensive research and interviews with athletes, coaches, and statisticians, Cohen investigates the validity of this notion and its influence on professional basketball.

In this thought-provoking analysis, Cohen includes engaging storytelling to highlight memorable moments in sports history and the uncanny performances that have defied statistical odds. He examines the scientific explanations behind streaks, including the role of psychology and the human drive for patterns.

Additionally, Cohen offers a critical examination of how the hot hand belief impacts decision-making in sports and beyond. He uncovers the paradoxical nature of streaks, where the faith in a hot hand influences players and teams yet can also disrupt rhythm and hinder performance.

Ultimately, "The Hot Hand" challenges our common assumptions about winning streaks and redefines our understanding of luck, skill, and the complex interplay between the two. With thoughtful analysis and captivating storytelling, Cohen provides readers with a refreshing exploration of streaks in sports and their wider implications.
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