Rick and Morty Book Four

By Zac Gorman
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Rick and Morty Book Four by Zac Gorman is a hilarious and mind-bending continuation of the popular animated TV show. This book follows the misadventures of mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his naive grandson Morty Smith as they travel through different dimensions and encounter bizarre creatures.

In this installment, readers can expect a whirlwind of interdimensional escapades and dark humor. Gorman skillfully captures the essence of the show with his witty dialogue and outlandish scenarios. From navigating alternate realities to battling alien races, Rick and Morty find themselves in one wild situation after another.

The book also delves deeper into the complex relationship between Rick and Morty, exploring the dynamic between the jaded scientist and his impressionable grandson. As they face dangerous challenges and moral dilemmas, their bond is tested and the true extent of Rick's manipulation is revealed.

Gorman's writing style is lively and engaging, capturing the irreverent tone of the show. Each chapter is packed with clever references and unexpected twists that will keep readers hooked from start to finish. The artwork by CJ Cannon perfectly complements the story, bringing the zany characters and bizarre settings to life.

Rick and Morty Book Four is a must-read for fans of the show who crave more of the dark comedy and mind-bending adventures that have made it a cult favorite. Gorman's mastery of the source material and inventive storytelling make this book an entertaining and satisfying addition to the Rick and Morty universe.
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