Fauna & Family

By Gerald Durrell
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"Fauna & Family" by Gerald Durrell is a delightful and heartwarming memoir that takes readers on a captivating journey into the author's life in Corfu, Greece.

In this enchanting sequel to his beloved book "My Family and Other Animals," Durrell invites us to join him once again as he navigates the idyllic island with his eccentric family and a menagerie of unusual pets.

As Durrell shares his charming escapades and encounters with the local wildlife, including wild birds, reptiles, insects, and even a mischievous otter, readers are treated to a vivid and immersive experience of the natural world.

Beyond the captivating tales of their adventures, Durrell also explores the complexities of family dynamics, highlighting the comical and often endearing interactions between his strong-willed mother, his self-proclaimed "brothers," and their assortment of friends and acquaintances.

Through his witty and insightful observations, Durrell offers a vivid portrayal of the island's vibrant culture and the colorful characters that inhabit it, blending the beauty of nature with the rich tapestry of human relationships.

With its delightful prose and infectious sense of wonder, "Fauna & Family" is a heartwarming memoir that will captivate animal lovers, nature enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a delightful escape into a world where the harmony between humans and the natural world is celebrated and cherished.
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