Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

By Cheryl Strayed
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"Wild" by Cheryl Strayed is a powerful memoir that details the author's journey of self-discovery and healing on the Pacific Crest Trail.

After losing her mother at a young age and spiraling into destructive behaviors, Cheryl finds herself at rock bottom. In a desperate attempt to find herself again, she embarks on a solo hike of over a thousand miles, from California to Washington State.

Facing immense physical and emotional challenges, Cheryl confronts her past traumas, grapples with her inner demons, and learns to find strength and independence along the way.

As she navigates the treacherous wilderness, Cheryl encounters a diverse cast of characters who offer both support and wisdom. Through these encounters, she realizes that her journey is not just about conquering the trail, but about discovering her own resilience and inner strength.

"Wild" is a raw and honest account of one woman's struggle to reclaim her life and find solace in nature. Cheryl Strayed's powerful storytelling and soul-searching reflections make this memoir an inspiring tale of determination, healing, and the transformative power of wilderness.
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