The Moonstone | What's the Story, Wishbone? | Summary and Q&A

October 15, 2019
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The Moonstone | What's the Story, Wishbone?


In this episode, Wishbone compares the classic novel "The Moonstone" to the TV adaptation, exploring its moral messages and entertainment value.

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Key Insights

  • 🍰 The episode successfully condenses the plot of "The Moonstone" into a shorter timeframe, but sacrifices certain characters and moral messages.
  • 🛟 Wishbone's behavior during the full moon serves as a parallel to the stolen Super Bowl ring, creating suspense and intrigue.
  • 🖤 The lack of references to Robinson Crusoe highlights the challenge of adapting multi-narrative novels into abbreviated TV episodes.
  • 🫠 The episode effectively establishes mood and cultivates interest in reading the original novel.
  • 😒 The omission of conversations about self-harm and opium use in the episode is noticeable, leaving out important elements from the book.
  • 🚚 The show focuses more on cultivating interest and establishing mood rather than delivering explicit moral messages.
  • 🤵 Wishbone's portrayal as a literary character versus a dog adds a fun dynamic to the episode.


hi guys olive here here today to bring you the next installment in my wishbone series if you've never seen me do one of these videos what I do is watch one episode of the 90s PBS kids TV show wishbone and compare it against the work of classical literature discussed within it and then I ask questions of the episode I just watched does it do the boo... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What is the main plot of the episode "Moon Bone"?

The episode follows Wishbone's strange behavior during a full moon while a Super Bowl ring goes missing, paralleling the story of "The Moonstone" where Franklin Blake carries a valuable gem that is later stolen, resulting in suspense and investigation.

Q: How does the TV adaptation compare to the original book?

While the episode captures the mystery and succeeds in cultivating interest, it omits certain characters and moral messages found in the book. However, it still manages to showcase the intrigue and tension of the original story.

Q: What moral messages are present in the episode?

Apart from the message that not reenacting events may yield different outcomes, the episode largely lacks overt moral messages. However, it successfully establishes mood and aims to spark interest in reading the novel.

Q: How does the acting and production quality compare to previous episodes?

The acting in this second season is noted to be better than the first. The episode also showcases more sophisticated camera work, although there are occasional production mishaps, such as visible boom mics.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The episode revolves around Wishbone, who is influenced by the full moon and acts strangely, burying gardening tools. Meanwhile, a Super Bowl ring goes missing during a visit from a football star.

  • Wishbone plays the character of Franklin Blake, who carries a sacred gem called the Moonstone and faces suspicion when it goes missing. The investigation reveals unexpected twists and motives.

  • The episode successfully captures the intrigue and tension of the book, but with limited time, it glazes over certain elements and characters, omitting moral messages present in the original.

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