Without Their Permission: The Story of Reddit and a Blueprint for How to Change the World

By Alexis Ohanian
Without Their Permission by Alexis Ohanian is a manifesto for the digital age, exploring the power of the internet and the opportunities it presents for individuals to create, innovate, and make an impact on the world.

Drawing from his own experiences as the co-founder of Reddit, Ohanian explores the concept of permissionless innovation and how the internet has leveled the playing field, allowing anyone with an idea and determination to succeed. He shares inspiring stories of entrepreneurs who have seized this opportunity and built successful businesses without traditional gatekeepers.

Ohanian delves into the principles of entrepreneurship, discussing the importance of embracing failure, cultivating a strong community, and leveraging technology to solve real problems. He also tackles challenging topics such as net neutrality and internet freedom, emphasizing the need for individuals to speak up and defend an open and accessible internet.

Throughout the book, Ohanian interweaves personal anecdotes, humor, and practical advice, making it an engaging and accessible read for aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone interested in the future of technology and innovation. As co-founder of the internet hub and tech-startup accelerator, Y Combinator, Ohanian's insights and expertise provide valuable guidance for those looking to carve their own path and make a difference in the digital landscape.

Without Their Permission is a call to action, encouraging readers to embrace the possibilities of the internet, and to pursue their passions without waiting for approval or permission. It is a rallying cry for a new era of entrepreneurship and a reminder that the power to shape the future lies in the hands of individuals willing to seize the opportunities that technology offers.
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