The Cult of LEGO

By John Baichtal
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"The Cult of LEGO" by John Baichtal explores the fascinating and ever-growing world of LEGO enthusiasts, collectors, and builders.

Through interviews with LEGO fanatics from all walks of life, Baichtal delves into the unique subcultures and communities that have formed around the beloved toy. Readers are introduced to AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO), who have taken their passion to incredible heights, creating intricate sculptures and massive city-block-sized displays.

This engrossing book showcases the artwork and collaborative projects of LEGO builders who have transformed the plastic bricks into stunning works of art.

Baichtal also examines how LEGO has become a valuable tool in education, with schools and libraries using it to teach everything from physics to architecture, encouraging creativity and problem-solving skills in students of all ages.

"The Cult of LEGO" uncovers the captivating stories of individuals who have dedicated their time, energy, and creativity to the LEGO world. Whether you're a casual enthusiast or an avid collector, this book is a must-read for anyone who wants to explore and celebrate the enduring power of LEGO.
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