Resurrection From The Underground: Feodor Dostoevsky

By Rene Girard
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Resurrection From The Underground by Rene Girard dives into the depths of human desire and the power dynamics that shape our society. Through a close examination of influential literary works and cultural myths, Girard unveils the destructive nature of mimetic desire and the scapegoat mechanism.

Drawing from the works of Dostoyevsky, Cervantes, Shakespeare, and others, Girard explores how the resurrection of Christ disrupts the cycle of violence inherent in human affairs. With incisive analysis, he reveals how our collective fear of death and our relentless pursuit of rivalry lead to societal turmoil and the sacrificial victimization of others.

Girard's work exposes the fallacy of mimetic rivalry, in which we imitate others out of a misguided belief that it will fulfill our desires. He argues that the primal fear of contagion and exclusion drive individuals to turn against each other in a perpetual war of imitation. This rivalry, often fueled by envy and resentment, ultimately results in the sacrifice of a chosen victim who is blamed for society's ills.

However, according to Girard, in the resurrection of Christ lies the hope for liberation from this destructive cycle. By exposing the violence and scapegoating mechanisms, the resurrection reveals the necessary sacrifice of Jesus as a means to transcend mimetic rivalry and restore harmony within society.

Resurrection From The Underground is a thought-provoking exploration of human desires, violence, and the potential for redemption. Girard's critical analysis unearths the universal patterns of behavior that underpin our societal structures, offering an alternative path towards peace and understanding.

With its meticulous examination of literary classics and philosophical concepts, this book offers readers the opportunity to reflect on their own desires and the impact of mimetic rivalry on their lives and relationships. Resurrection From The Underground serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative power of love, forgiveness, and the need for communal reconciliation.
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