Plowman's Folly

By Ed Faulkner
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"Plowman's Folly" by Ed Faulkner is an influential agricultural manifesto that challenges conventional farming practices and presents a revolutionary approach to land conservation and soil fertility.

In this thought-provoking book, Faulkner questions the longstanding belief that deep plowing is necessary for successful farming. He argues that the plow, rather than being a beneficial tool, is actually detrimental to the health and productivity of the land. By analyzing the principles of nature and employing his own practical experiments, Faulkner comes to the conclusion that shallow plowing and minimal disturbance of the soil are the key to sustainable and bountiful agriculture.

Faulkner presents a compelling case against traditional agricultural methods, highlighting their harmful effects on soil erosion, structure, and nutrient depletion. He emphasizes that human interference often disrupts the delicate balance in nature, leading to devastating consequences. Drawing on his own experiences as a farmer, Faulkner demonstrates how adopting a more ecological and conservative approach can significantly improve the quality and productivity of the land.

By challenging the deeply ingrained practices and mindsets of the farming community, "Plowman's Folly" encourages readers to question established norms and explore alternative methods to protect and enhance the earth's natural resources. Written with clarity and passion, this book serves as a call to action, urging farmers, scientists, and policymakers to reconsider their beliefs and actively work towards a more sustainable future for agriculture.
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