Fertility Pastures: Herbal Leys as the Basis of Soil Fertility and Animal Health

By Newman Turner
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"Fertility Pastures" by Newman Turner is a comprehensive guide that reveals the principles and techniques to transform degraded land into lush and fertile pastures.

In this book, Turner takes readers on a journey through his own experiences of rejuvenating depleted soils on his farm. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the land's unique ecology and emphasizes the significance of building a diverse and balanced ecosystem.

Through a blend of scientific knowledge and practical wisdom, Turner explores the crucial role of livestock, particularly cattle, in the restoration process. He explains how animals can naturally fertilize the soil while grazing, and how their movements help distribute nutrient-rich manure across the land.

Turner delves into the benefits of rotational grazing, showcasing how strategically planned movements of livestock can prevent overgrazing and stimulate grass growth, leading to healthier and more productive pastures.

However, "Fertility Pastures" goes beyond just grazing techniques. Turner also discusses the importance of nutrient cycling, cover cropping, and the use of organic fertilizers to enhance soil fertility and structure.

With clear and concise explanations, Turner equips readers with the knowledge and tools to rejuvenate their own land and maximize its productivity. He emphasizes the importance of working with nature instead of against it, highlighting the regenerative power that lies within sustainable farming practices.

"Fertility Pastures" is an invaluable resource for farmers, ranchers, and anyone interested in restoring and maintaining healthy pastures. With its practical insights and holistic approach, this book offers a roadmap towards building sustainable and thriving agricultural systems.
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