More Than You Know: Finding Financial Wisdom in Unconventional Places (Updated and Expanded)

By Michael Mauboussin
"More Than You Know" by Michael Mauboussin is a captivating exploration of investing and decision making. Drawing upon various disciplines including psychology, biology, and physics, Mauboussin provides readers with valuable insights and strategies to enhance their understanding of the unpredictable world of investing.

This book challenges conventional wisdom, revealing that luck plays a far greater role in successful investing than most people realize. Mauboussin explains the importance of understanding the role of skill versus luck in various domains, emphasizing the need for a nuanced approach to decision making.

Through a series of engaging anecdotes, the author illustrates the pitfalls of relying solely on intuition and encourages readers to think probabilistically. By introducing key concepts such as base rates, sample size, and counterfactuals, Mauboussin presents readers with a framework to make better decisions in an uncertain world.

Furthermore, "More Than You Know" explores the psychological biases that often lead us astray and provides valuable tools to mitigate their impact. From the availability bias to the confirmation bias, Mauboussin unpacks these cognitive traps and suggests practical techniques to overcome them.

The book concludes with a comprehensive overview of investment strategies, highlighting the importance of understanding the fundamentals and finding an approach that aligns with one's individual skills and goals.

In "More Than You Know," Michael Mauboussin delivers a rich and thought-provoking analysis of decision making and investing. With his expert insights and practical advice, readers will gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of the investment world and learn how to navigate it with greater confidence.
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