By John Lewis
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"March" by John Lewis is an emotionally engaging memoir that recounts the remarkable journey of the civil rights leader and U.S. Congressman. In this gripping graphic novel trilogy, Lewis, along with co-writer Andrew Aydin and artist Nate Powell, shares his firsthand account of the struggle for equality in the segregated South during the 1960s.

The first volume of "March" begins with Lewis' childhood in rural Alabama, where he witnesses the injustices and racial inequality that motivate him to fight for change. It vividly portrays his early involvement in nonviolent protests and his commitment to the principles of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Lewis' journey takes him from the iconic lunch counter sit-ins to the historic 1963 March on Washington, providing readers with a front-row seat to the pivotal moments of the civil rights movement.

The second volume delves deeper into Lewis' activism, as he becomes a prominent leader alongside figures like Dr. King, Rosa Parks, and Malcolm X. It follows his participation in the Freedom Rides, the Mississippi Freedom Summer, and the Selma to Montgomery march, highlighting the bravery and perseverance of those who risked their lives for freedom and equality.

The final volume of "March" concludes with Lewis' political career, tracing his transition from grassroots organizer to elected representative. It sheds light on the challenges he faced as a Black man in politics and his unwavering commitment to advocating for justice and equality within the halls of Congress.

Through powerful storytelling and Powell's evocative illustrations, "March" provides readers with a comprehensive and deeply personal account of the civil rights movement. Lewis' memoir resonates not only as a historical document but also as an inspiring testament to the power of nonviolent resistance and the ongoing fight for progress.
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