Little Leaders

By Vashti Harrison
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"Little Leaders" by Vashti Harrison is an inspiring and vibrant compilation of the amazing stories of forty African American women who have made significant contributions to history.

Each brief and captivating biography highlights the achievements and journeys of these extraordinary women, ranging from pioneers in the fields of science, politics, arts, and sports.

With mesmerizing illustrations accompanying each entry, Harrison beautifully captures the essence of these trailblazers and their undeniable impact on the world.

From the resilience of civil rights activists like Rosa Parks and Ruby Bridges, to the trailblazing accomplishments of authors Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison, the book offers a diverse and comprehensive representation of African American women's achievements.

Through the stories of these remarkable individuals, "Little Leaders" aims to inspire young readers and ignite a sense of possibility, reminding them that they too have the power to make a difference.
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