By Leslie Patricelli
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In "Blankie" by Leslie Patricelli, a young toddler takes readers on an endearing adventure involving their beloved security blanket. The story unfolds as the child's attachment to their treasured blankie is put to the test.

From the moment they wake up, the toddler refuses to let go of their cherished blankie. It provides a sense of comfort and security, accompanying them on every activity throughout the day. From breakfast and playtime to even a trip to the potty, the blankie is always close by.

However, when it comes time for a bath, the toddler must face a difficult decision. Should they let their blankie go temporarily, or risk getting it wet? The child hesitates, unsure of how to proceed.

As the toddler contemplates their options, the story showcases the child's vivid imagination. The blankie transforms into different characters and objects, each capturing the child's attention and distracting them from their predicament.

In the end, the toddler realizes that they can still find comfort and happiness, even without their blankie. They learn to adapt and find solace in other things, understanding that growing up means facing new challenges while holding on to treasured memories.

"Blankie" is a heartwarming story filled with relatable moments and colorful illustrations. It gently reinforces the importance of being brave, letting go, and embracing new experiences. This charming picture book is perfect for young children and parents alike, who will appreciate the timeless lesson it imparts.
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