Getting Past No: Negotiating in Difficult Situations

By William Ury
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"Getting Past No" by William Ury is a concise and practical guide that equips readers with effective strategies to navigate difficult negotiation situations and find mutually beneficial solutions. In this book, Ury explores how to overcome resistance and hostility, and provides readers with a five-step negotiation method to lead to successful outcomes.

Drawing on his extensive experience as a negotiation expert, Ury emphasizes the importance of understanding the underlying interests and emotions of the parties involved in a conflict. He highlights the power of empathy, listening skills, and effective communication to build trust and create a collaborative atmosphere.

Ury shares specific techniques to defuse aggression and break through deadlock situations. He shows readers how to identify and address common negotiation barriers, such as stubbornness, personal attacks, and win-lose mentalities. By reframing the negotiation as a joint problem-solving exercise, Ury demonstrates how to turn adversaries into partners and find common ground.

Throughout the book, Ury also provides real-life examples and practical exercises to help readers apply the strategies in their own negotiations. With its clear and concise approach, "Getting Past No" is an indispensable resource for anyone seeking to enhance their negotiation skills and achieve more positive and productive outcomes in challenging situations.
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