Farsighted: How We Make the Decisions That Matter the Most

By Steven Johnson
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"Farsighted" by Steven Johnson is a thought-provoking exploration of decision-making, utilizing cutting-edge research and real-life examples to illustrate the complexities and blind spots inherent in our choices.

Johnson unveils the intricate interplay between our short-term instincts and long-term consequences, shedding light on the biases and emotions that can cloud our judgment. Through engaging narratives, he introduces us to a diverse cast of individuals, from poker players to firefighters, who have mastered the art of strategic thinking.

By dissecting their techniques, Johnson provides practical tools and insights to help readers improve their decision-making abilities. He dives into the science of prediction, revealing how we can train our minds to foresee future outcomes more accurately.

Moreover, Johnson discusses the power of diversity in decision-making, emphasizing the importance of seeking out differing perspectives to avoid tunnel vision. He also delves into the role of intuition, explaining how it can be harnessed as a valuable resource when making complex choices.

With its rich blend of neuroscience, psychology, and real-world examples, "Farsighted" offers a compelling and accessible guide to making better decisions. This book challenges conventional wisdom and inspires readers to adopt a more deliberate and thorough approach to navigating life's myriad choices.
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