Fallen Dragon

By Peter Hamilton
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"Fallen Dragon" by Peter Hamilton is an epic sci-fi novel set in the 24th century. The story revolves around Lawrence Newton, a corporate soldier employed by Zantiu-Braun, one of the biggest resource-extraction companies in the universe.

In a future where colonized planets are ruled by corporations, a maverick group led by Lawrence plans to seize a valuable dragon's horde on an distant planet, from under the company's control. This horde is believed to contain immense wealth and advanced technology, making it a highly coveted target.

However, as the mission unfolds, Lawrence starts questioning the true motivations behind the corporate regime. Through mind-bending technology, the story takes us back to Lawrence's traumatic childhood on Earth as he attempts to escape a life he felt was predetermined for him – one of servitude to corporate greed.

Parallel to Lawrence's journey, an independent investigator named Denise Ebourn is desperate to uncover the secrets of Zantiu-Braun, and Lawrence's path brings them together. The duo uncovers shocking truths about the company's sinister exploitations of both humans and the alien species living on various planets.

"Fallen Dragon" explores themes of corporate domination, individual freedom, and the repercussions of unscrupulous greed on both human and alien societies. It delves deep into the intricacies of human psychology, the allure of power, and the struggle for self-determination, all set against a backdrop of imaginative world-building and awe-inspiring technology.

With his trademark attention to detail and rich character development, Peter Hamilton takes readers on a thrilling journey of adventure and introspection. "Fallen Dragon" is a gripping space opera that will leave readers questioning the balance between humanity's thirst for progress and its moral obligations to the universe.
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