By Bill Willingham
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Fables, written by Bill Willingham, is a captivating graphic novel series that reimagines classic fairy tales in a modern and darkly captivating setting.

In this collection of intriguing tales, timeless characters such as Snow White, Bigby Wolf (aka the Big Bad Wolf), Beauty and the Beast, and many more are forced to flee their homeland and seek refuge in New York City. They form a secret community known as Fabletown, where they must hide their true identities from the mundane world.

Within the pages of Fables, readers are treated to a unique blend of fantasy, mystery, and adventure as these mythical beings navigate the challenges of their new lives. From political intrigue to personal betrayals, each character grapples with their pasts, their desires, and the uneasy balance between the worlds of fairy tales and reality.

Bill Willingham weaves together these familiar characters into a tapestry of captivating storytelling, with stunning artwork that brings the fantastical world to life. Fables explores themes of identity, power, redemption, and the true meaning of family, providing a thought-provoking and enthralling reading experience.

With clever nods to classic tales and unexpected twists on beloved characters, Fables is a must-read for fans of fantasy and graphic novels alike. It will leave readers eagerly flipping through the pages, eager to unravel the mysteries of this captivating world and discover the fate of their favorite fairy tale figures.
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