Call Me by Your Name: A Novel

By André Aciman
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Call Me by Your Name by André Aciman is a tender and passionate coming-of-age story set in the sun-drenched Italian Riviera in the early 1980s.

Seventeen-year-old Elio, the intellectual and introspective son of a professor, finds himself captivated by Oliver, a charismatic American scholar who has come to stay with Elio’s family for the summer. What begins as a platonic friendship soon evolves into a deep and all-consuming love affair that will forever change their lives.

As Elio and Oliver explore their burgeoning desires and attraction, they grapple with their own identities and the complexity of their emotions. The narrative is filled with longing, longing for intimacy, for connection, for understanding, as both characters navigate the exhilarating yet tumultuous terrain of young love.

Aciman masterfully delves into the intense and raw emotions felt by Elio and Oliver, capturing the essence of their passion and vulnerability. Through poetic prose, he paints a beautiful and evocative portrait of young love in all its shades: the elation, the tenderness, and the heartbreak.

The novel delves into themes of self-discovery, sexual awakening, and the longing for a connection that transcends societal norms. It explores the complexities of desire, identity, and the tension between secrecy and authenticity.

Call Me by Your Name is a deeply introspective and intimate portrayal of a transformative experience, a love story that lingers long after the last page is turned. With its lyrical writing and nuanced exploration of human connection, Aciman crafts a timeless tale that captures the power and vulnerability of first love.
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