A Peace to End All Peace: The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East

By David Fromkin
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"A Peace to End All Peace" by David Fromkin explores the complex events and decision-making process that shaped the modern Middle East. In this thoroughly researched and meticulously documented account, Fromkin delves into the political and diplomatic maneuvers that took place during World War I and its aftermath.

With an emphasis on the creation of the modern state of Iraq, Fromkin reveals the interplay between global powers as they sought to redraw the map of the region. The book delves into the behind-the-scenes negotiations and rivalries among British and French colonial administrators, Arab nationalists, and Zionists, showcasing the competing interests and motivations that shaped the peace agreements.

Drawing from a wealth of primary sources, Fromkin paints a vivid picture of the diplomatic challenges faced by the major powers and the unintended consequences of their decisions. He highlights the conflicting promises made to competing groups and the failure to consider the ethnic, religious, and tribal divisions that have plagued the region ever since.

The book also explores the Balfour Declaration and its impact on the Jewish population and Arab population in Palestine. Fromkin analyzes the long-term consequences of this declaration, which sought to establish a Jewish homeland, and examines the subsequent Arab resistance and Jewish immigration that would eventually lead to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In precise and concise prose, Fromkin offers readers a comprehensive account of the negotiations and agreements that gave birth to the modern Middle East. "A Peace to End All Peace" is a seminal work that sheds light on the historical foundations of the region's current political and social challenges.
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