Unlock the Power of Choice - Embrace Diversity and Transform | Su Zaki – Leung | TEDxKew | Summary and Q&A

September 27, 2023
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Unlock the Power of Choice - Embrace Diversity and Transform | Su Zaki – Leung | TEDxKew

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In this video, the speaker discusses the feeling of having no options and how it can affect our lives. They share their own personal story of growing up in Hong Kong and facing various challenges, including being sent to different families, experiencing bullying, and becoming an illegal immigrant. Despite feeling unwanted and abandoned, the speaker ultimately makes a choice to change their life and find their own voice. They emphasize the importance of choice in creating opportunities and taking control of our own lives.

Questions & Answers

Q: Why do some people feel like they have no options?

The feeling of having no options can be attributed to our past experiences, which shape our beliefs about life and ourselves. These beliefs can make us feel trapped and unable to change our circumstances.

Q: What can affect our beliefs about life and ourselves?

Our beliefs are often shaped by our experiences, starting from the day we are born or even before. The speaker suggests that there may be a default period in our lives where we believe we cannot change anything, but they also emphasize that we constantly receive reminders and invitations to choose differently.

Q: How did the speaker's childhood experiences affect them?

The speaker shares their personal experience of being sent from Japan to Hong Kong and living with various families. They faced challenges such as bullying and feeling lost and unsure of their identity. The trauma and constant feelings of being unwanted led to an inner dialogue of fear, worry, and distrust.

Q: What choice did the speaker make to change their life?

At the age of 14, the speaker was faced with an abusive relationship and the option to continue being a victim or make a change. Despite the difficulties, they made the empowered choice to not be a victim anymore and end the relationship.

Q: How can someone find the empowered choice to change their life?

The speaker encourages those feeling stuck to not give up, as the light will always come. Finding the empowered choice that can change their life can be as simple as making a split-second decision to no longer be a victim. However, this choice also requires time and patience to go on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

Q: How can someone take control of their life and create their own opportunities?

The speaker suggests that connecting with oneself is the first and most important step in creating an empowered life. By intentionally connecting with ourselves, we can start receiving reminders and guidance to make choices that align with our true selves. Taking control of our lives means not giving away our power to others.

Q: What should someone do if they feel off and not their best self?

If someone feels off and not their best self, it is essential to take a deep breath and ask themselves how they are feeling. Emotions are not inherently bad but are trying to tell us something. By reaching out and seeking support, we can better understand our emotions and make choices that lead to a happy and purposeful life.

Q: How can the speaker help others in finding their own choices?

The speaker has found their own path in tricenic clinical hypnotherapy and choice development. They believe in using their story, knowledge, and experience to help others find their own choices and regain control over their lives.

Q: Why is choice important in living an empowered life?

Choice is important because it allows us to create our own opportunities and be in control of our lives. While we cannot change the past, learning from it and making choices that align with our true selves is key to living an empowered life.

Q: What is the speaker's final message?

The speaker emphasizes that in our lives, the choices we make have a significant impact. By recognizing that our choices have power and being intentional about them, we can create the life we deserve and have a say in our own story.


In conclusion, feeling like we have no options can be a frustrating and disempowering experience. However, the speaker's personal story highlights that even in moments of despair, there is always a choice we can make. By recognizing the power of choice, connecting with ourselves, and being intentional about our decisions, we can navigate through adversity, heal from past traumas, and create a happier and purposeful life. Ultimately, our choices shape our reality, and we have the ability to change our circumstances and regain control over our own lives.

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