From Child Observer to Empowered Performer | Sangeeta Kapoor | TEDxKIITUniversity | Summary and Q&A

September 27, 2023
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From Child Observer to Empowered Performer | Sangeeta Kapoor | TEDxKIITUniversity

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Sangeeta Kapoor is a multi-dimensional versatile personality from Delhi. She is a magician, mentalist, illusionist, TV, and film artist. She is also a trainer and holds the title of Grand Master of holistic Sciences. In addition to that, she is the founder of the Healing Research Center and the Sangeetha School of Magic. Sangeeta Kapoor is a Guinness World Record holder and comes from a family of magicians with three generations of Guinness World Record holders. She shares her journey of becoming a magician, overcoming challenges as a female magician, and finding her happiness and satisfaction in magic and bringing smiles to people's faces. She also talks about her battle with a critical disease and how she bounced back to her work with the support of her family and friends. Sangeeta Kapoor now runs the Sangeetha School of Magic and the Healing Resource Center, where she trains and provides holistic help to people.

Questions & Answers

Q: How did Sangeeta Kapoor first get interested in magic?

Sangeeta Kapoor's interest in magic started when she was a child. She would go with her magician parents to their magic shows and play with their props. Her father noticed her interest and asked her if she wanted to perform on stage. She agreed and he became her assistant, leading to her first solo magic performance at a young age.

Q: What challenges did Sangeeta Kapoor face as a female magician?

As a female magician, Sangeeta Kapoor faced many challenges. Magic was not considered a profession for girls during that time. There was pressure on her to conform to gender expectations and pursue traditionally female roles. Despite these challenges, she continued to perform and excel in her profession.

Q: How did Sangeeta Kapoor overcome societal pressures and follow her passion for magic?

To conform to societal pressures, Sangeeta Kapoor temporarily pursued other professions such as teaching and working at a music company. However, she realized that magic was her true passion and decided to break free from these societal ties. She used her magical powers to metaphorically break free and went back to performing magic.

Q: How did Sangeeta Kapoor bounce back from a critical illness?

Sangeeta Kapoor faced a critical illness that forced her to stop performing and work on her treatment. She felt disconnected and separated from her work during this period. However, with the support of her family and friends, and her strong desire to get back to her work, she overcame these challenges. Her magic helped her flourish once again.

Q: How did Sangeeta Kapoor start the Sangeetha School of Magic?

Sangeeta Kapoor started the Sangeetha School of Magic after a heart-wrenching incident. A man came to her house wanting to know how a girl could perform magic. He was misled by fake spiritual practices. Sangeeta's father explained to him that magic is all about tricks and entertainment. This incident inspired Sangeeta to start a magic awareness program, which eventually evolved into the Sangeetha School of Magic.

Q: What does Sangeeta Kapoor do at the Sangeetha School of Magic?

At the Sangeetha School of Magic, Sangeeta Kapoor trains people of all age groups. She offers a variety of courses, including hobby courses and professional mentalism courses. Some of her students have gone on to have successful careers as magicians or mentalists. Sangeeta also shares stories of success and inspiration from her students.

Q: What is the Healing Resource Center?

The Healing Resource Center is another venture by Sangeeta Kapoor. She discovered Reiki healing after receiving a session for her back pain. This sparked her curiosity to research and scientifically understand this subject. At the Healing Resource Center, Sangeeta provides holistic help and detailed courses to people interested in healing. There have been many success stories from her and her students.

Q: How does Sangeeta Kapoor believe magic can bring happiness and satisfaction?

Sangeeta Kapoor believes that magic is all about happiness and satisfaction. She says that if she can become a reason for someone's smile, then her life is successful. She encourages people to follow their passions, be happy, and spread happiness to others in order to find fulfillment.

Q: What message does Sangeeta Kapoor have for the audience?

Sangeeta Kapoor encourages the audience to live their lives fully and reach for higher inspirations. She believes that everyone is looking for success, happiness, and satisfaction. By constantly concentrating on their passions and the emphasis of their lives, people can flourish and bring positive changes into their lives.

Q: How can audience members experience magic?

Sangeeta Kapoor invites the audience to experience magic with her. She asks them to concentrate on their passion and send their magical powers to her. She demonstrates magic tricks using glasses and invites the audience to participate. By chanting magical spells and concentrating, audience members can experience the magic.


Sangeeta Kapoor's journey as a magician demonstrates the power of following one's passion and overcoming challenges. She faced societal pressures and a critical illness but bounced back stronger than ever. Through her work at the Sangeetha School of Magic and the Healing Resource Center, she spreads happiness, satisfaction, and inspiration. Her message to the audience is to concentrate on their passions, reach for higher inspirations, and live their lives fully. By doing so, they can find success, happiness, and satisfaction.

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