January 10, 2024
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A booktuber shares her list of the top 10 books she is excited to read in 2024, including fantasy, historical fiction, and novellas.

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Key Insights

  • 😱 The creator is drawn to a mix of genres, including fantasy, historical fiction, horror, and novellas.
  • 📔 She appreciates books that offer unique twists on familiar tropes and settings.
  • 💦 The anticipation and excitement for a book can vary based on the author's previous works and personal preferences.
  • 💁 Novellas can provide significant depth and exploration of complex themes within a shorter format.
  • 📔 The creator acknowledges the potential for disappointment when a book's description exceeds the actual reading experience.
  • 👪 Certain elements, such as found families, heists, and secrets, greatly appeal to the creator and contribute to her excitement for a book.
  • 🤑 The creator discusses her preference for exploring academic settings, as they often provide a rich backdrop for intriguing stories.


hey hi hello welcome back to my channel I'm Jesse and today I'm bringing you my most anticipated book releases of 2024 last year I did a list of 23 books that I was excited for coming out in 2023 because I was like 2023 got to come up with 23 books that I'm excited for and I was about to be like let's do that again this year let's come up with 24 b... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What is the "Every Heart a Doorway" series about?

The series follows characters who have traveled to magical worlds through doorways. Some books explore their return to the real world, while others focus on their adventures in different magical realms.

Q: What makes the fantasy duology "A Tempest of Tea" intriguing?

The series features an orphan girl joining a heist with vampires. The combination of fantasy, heist elements, and vampires makes it an exciting and unexpected read.

Q: What is the premise of "Welcome to the Hamdong Bookshop"?

The novel tells the story of a woman who opens a bookshop after her life falls apart. The bookshop becomes a safe space for others experiencing similar struggles, creating a heartwarming and comforting narrative.

Q: What is "The Woods All Black" about?

It is a historical horror novella about a frontier nurse who faces judgmental townspeople and uncovers horrifying secrets lurking in the woods.

Q: What can readers expect from "Where Sleeping Girls Lie"?

This book follows a girl attending a boarding school where her roommate goes missing. She forms a group with others to search for her, uncovering unsettling secrets within the school. It promises mystery, suspense, and exploration of a found family dynamic.

Q: How does "Blood at the Root" stand out among other books?

Although the description is convoluted, the book offers a mix of magic, family history, and mysteries. It features a character attending a magical school, which adds an intriguing academic setting to the narrative.

Q: What is "Horror Movie" about?

The book focuses on a mysterious and haunted film that gained a cult following. Three decades later, a reboot is planned, and a surviving cast member must uncover the buried secrets from the original movie, leading to horrifying discoveries.

Q: What can readers expect from the anthology "Where the House Waits"?

The anthology explores a haunted house, with each author writing about a different room and unveiling various layers of horror and intrigue within the house.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The creator discusses her 10 most anticipated book releases of 2024, which were difficult to narrow down due to the abundance of promising titles.

  • She talks about the latest installment in the "Every Heart a Doorway" series, a book featuring a girl exploring a world filled with dinosaurs.

  • The creator highlights a fantasy duology involving an orphan girl embarking on a heist with vampires.

  • She mentions a Korean translated novel that follows a woman who finds solace in opening a bookshop after her life falls apart.

  • The creator talks about a historical horror novella about a frontier nurse encountering secrets in a small town.

  • She discusses a book set in a boarding school where a missing roommate leads to unsettling discoveries.

  • The creator shares her excitement for a magical girl retelling that tackles themes of suicide and global warming.

  • She mentions a historical fantasy novel by Leigh Bardugo set in 16th century Madrid.

  • The creator discusses a book about a film reboot that reveals secrets and horrors from the original movie set.

  • She highlights an anthology centered around a haunted house, with different authors exploring various rooms.

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