I READ BOOKTUBERS WORST BOOKS OF 2021! (ft. @withcindy @MinaReads @ellias ) | Summary and Q&A

January 24, 2022
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I READ BOOKTUBERS WORST BOOKS OF 2021! (ft. @withcindy @MinaReads @ellias )


Booktuber experiments with reading the worst books of 2021 recommended by fellow booktubers with opposite tastes.

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Key Insights

  • 🖐️ Readers can find appeal in books that receive intense criticism, as personal tastes and preferences play a significant role.
  • ✍️ The quality of writing style and the handling of themes such as mental health can greatly impact a reader's experience with a book.
  • 🧑‍🏭 Character development and relatability are essential factors that can either make or break a reader's engagement with a story.
  • 🐢 Slow-burn romance can be a refreshing and enjoyable aspect for readers, even those who generally dislike romance books.
  • 📔 Personal experiences and relatability can significantly influence a reader's perception and enjoyment of a book, even in genres they typically dislike.
  • 📔 The experiment highlights the subjectivity of book preferences and the importance of exploring outside one's comfort zone.
  • 📔 Booktubers' reviews can provide valuable insights and help readers discover books they might not have considered on their own.


today is the start of a reading experiment where i read booktuber's worst books of 2021 the worst books of 2021 the worst books to be consumed by the eyeballs of booktubers the books these booktubers wanted to slam into a puddle and jump all over sorry had something in my throat jeez why is it sometimes that i want to read a book because i know tha... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why is the narrator interested in reading books that booktubers disliked?

The narrator is intrigued by the idea of finding appeal in books that receive intense criticism and wants to explore the scientific aspect of what makes a book appealing despite negative opinions.

Q: How does the narrator choose the books for each booktuber?

The narrator selects books that they find interesting and are different from their personal preferences, aiming to see if they will end up enjoying the books that were disliked by the booktubers.

Q: Did the narrator enjoy "The Midnight Library"?

The narrator had mixed feelings about "The Midnight Library" and found it to be neutral overall. While they enjoyed the writing style, they found the abundance of inspirational quotes and handling of mental health elements lacking.

Q: Why did the narrator dislike "The Maidens"?

The narrator found "The Maidens" to be a snooze fest with underdeveloped characters and an unappealing plot twist. The main character was particularly unlikable, and the reveal did not meet the narrator's expectations.

Q: What were the surprising aspects of "Twice Shy" for the narrator?

The narrator found themselves loving "Twice Shy," despite their general dislike for romance books. They related to the characters and enjoyed the romance's slow burn. It was a surprising change in preference for them.

Q: How did the narrator's opinions differ from the booktubers?

The narrator's opinions mostly aligned with Cindy's negative review of "The Midnight Library" and Elias' dislike for "The Maidens." However, they had a positive experience with "Twice Shy," which Mina disliked.

Q: Did the experiment change the narrator's perception of romance books?

The narrator had mixed feelings about their newfound enjoyment of a romance book. While they still hold their general dislike for romance, they acknowledge that personal preferences can change and are open to exploring more romance books.

Q: How did the narrator feel about the overall reading experiment?

The narrator had a fun and enjoyable time experimenting with reading booktubers' worst books of 2021. They found it intriguing to explore books they wouldn't typically choose and engage in discussions with the booktubers.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The content focuses on the narrator's experiment of reading books recommended by booktubers as their worst books of 2021.

  • Three booktubers with different tastes are chosen: Cindy (critical), Elias (different reading palettes), and Mina (primarily romance).

  • The narrator selects "The Midnight Library" for Cindy, "The Maidens" for Elias, and "Twice Shy" for Mina to read and evaluate.

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