The Green Beret who went on a one man Rampage to save his Comrades | Summary and Q&A

December 1, 2018
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The Green Beret who went on a one man Rampage to save his Comrades


Roy Benavidez, a Green Beret, overcame numerous challenges and saved multiple lives during the Vietnam War, ultimately receiving the Medal of Honor.

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Key Insights

  • 🦸 Roy Benavidez's challenging childhood and determination to succeed shaped his path to becoming a hero.
  • 😣 Despite severe injuries, Benavidez's indomitable spirit enabled him to recover and walk again.
  • ⌛ The six-hour mission in Vietnam showcased Benavidez's exceptional courage, leadership, and selflessness.
  • 💟 Roy Benavidez received the Medal of Honor, the highest military decoration, for his extraordinary actions during the mission.
  • ❓ Benavidez's humility and recognition of the sacrifices made by others demonstrate his true character.
  • 😣 The story of Roy Benavidez serves as an inspiration to overcome obstacles, persevere, and put others before oneself.
  • 👥 The Green Berets, to which Benavidez belonged, are an elite group of highly trained soldiers specializing in unconventional warfare.


The Green Beret who went on a one-man rampage, Roy Benavidez, the Vietnam War.:O Roy Benavidez's life had been rough as a child, both his parents had died.:( He was bullied by his classmates because of his mixed Yaqui Indian and Mexican heritage:( And had to leave school in eighth grade to help his family.>:O At the age of 19, Benavidez joined the ... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How did Roy Benavidez overcome the hardships he faced in his childhood?

Roy faced the loss of his parents, bullying, and leaving school at a young age to support his family. However, he developed resilience and determination that guided him throughout his life.

Q: What motivated Roy Benavidez to join the army and become a Green Beret?

Roy's commitment to serving his country and the Army being his life drove him to join and eventually qualify for the Special Forces, also known as the Green Berets.

Q: How did Roy Benavidez save the lives of his fellow soldiers during the Vietnam War?

During a mission, Roy disregarded his own safety, running through enemy gunfire to provide aid, defend his team, and evacuate them to safety despite being severely wounded himself.

Q: How did Roy Benavidez's actions during the mission demonstrate his heroism?

Roy exhibited exceptional bravery, resilience, and strategic thinking during the mission, fighting off enemy soldiers, rescuing wounded men, and ensuring classified materials did not fall into enemy hands.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Roy Benavidez's challenging upbringing and perseverance in the face of adversity shaped his character.

  • Despite being told he would never walk again after a landmine incident in Vietnam, Benavidez defied the odds and recovered.

  • During a six-hour mission in Vietnam, Benavidez displayed unmatched courage, saving the lives of his fellow soldiers.

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