April 6, 2015
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Booktuber discusses her favorite books and answers book-related questions in the Book Courtship Tag.

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Key Insights

  • 📔 Book covers play a significant role in attracting readers and influencing book buying decisions.
  • 💖 Succinct yet intriguing book summaries can capture readers' attention and spark their interest.
  • ✍️ Great writing style contributes to the overall reading experience, creating a unique and captivating narrative.
  • 🥺 The first book in a series can be incredibly compelling, leading readers to pursue the rest of the series.
  • 💝 Some books have such engaging stories that they keep readers up late at night, unable to put them down.
  • 💭 Certain books leave a lasting impact, occupying readers' thoughts even after finishing them.
  • 📔 The tactile experience of a book, including its cover and physical features, can enhance the reading experience.


hey guys today i'm doing the book courtship tag and this tag was created by leah over at hill loves books i don't believe i was tagged by anybody but i thought that i would just do this tag anyways because it sounded like a fun time so without further ado let's jump into the questions phase one initial attraction what is a book that you bought beca... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What is a book that you bought solely because of its cover?

The booktuber admits to being easily enticed by beautiful book covers and showcases some of the books she bought solely based on their appealing covers.

Q: What is a book that captivated you with its summary?

The booktuber mentions two books, "The Night Circus" by Erin Morgenstern and "The Queen of the Tearling" with their short yet intriguing summaries that piqued her interest.

Q: Which book stands out for its great writing?

The booktuber praises Maggie Stiefvater's "The Raven Boys" for its unique writing style and eerie tone, along with well-crafted characters.

Q: What is a series that compelled you to continue reading?

The booktuber mentions Marissa Meyer's "Cinder," stating that she was pleasantly surprised by its action, political intrigue, outstanding characters, and overall captivation.

Q: Which book kept you up late at night reading?

"A Monster Calls" by Patrick Ness is the book that had the booktuber hooked from the beginning with its dark story and compelling narrative.

Q: What is a book you couldn't stop thinking about?

The booktuber mentions that currently, "The Assassin's Blade" by Sarah J. Maas is consuming her thoughts and praises the series for its compelling story.

Q: Which book do you love for its physical feel?

The booktuber mentions "My Heart and Other Black Holes," expressing the tactile pleasure derived from its design and physical features.

Q: Which book would you recommend to family and friends?

"See You at Harry's" by Jo Knowles is highly recommended by the booktuber due to its balanced mix of family dynamics, friendship, humor, and tragedy.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The Book Courtship Tag is a fun tag created by Leah at Hill Loves Books, where booktubers discuss their book preferences and recommendations.

  • The content includes responses to various questions related to book buying habits, first impressions, favorite writing styles, captivating series, engaging stories, and books that are highly recommended.

  • The video concludes with the booktuber tagging other booktubers to participate in the tag and asks viewers to share their own surprising book recommendations.

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