RZA and Lex Fridman play chess | Summary and Q&A

March 31, 2022
Lex Fridman
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RZA and Lex Fridman play chess


In this video, the narrator plays a game of chess with Rizza, engaging in fun banter and making moves to create an entertaining match.

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Key Insights

  • 👑 Chess is a game that can be enjoyed by beginners and experts alike, bringing people together to solve puzzles and have fun.
  • 💪 Strategy and timing are crucial in chess, with players needing to consider their moves carefully and be aware of their opponent's threats.
  • 🤝 Playing chess is a way to bond with others, engaging in friendly competition and enjoying the thrill of the game.
  • 🍷 The speaker admits to having a love-hate relationship with chess, recognizing its addictive nature but still finding enjoyment in playing occasionally.
  • 🏆 The speaker admires Bobby Fischer and his views on chess, seeking to represent him in their own games.
  • 🌟 Generosity and camaraderie can be found in chess, with players giving and taking pieces to create a dynamic and exciting game.
  • 🤔 Some moves in chess can be considered blunders, causing players to rethink their strategies and reassess their positions.
  • 🕑 Time management is essential in chess, as players must make their moves quickly and efficiently to avoid running out of time.


bringing the queen out oh that's my girl this girl is crazy oh no don't do that don't bring stuff out let me get some other people in the party i'm gonna like sacrifice pieces to make you make you thank you you're doing good ponder me right but since you're gonna do that and i figured you was gonna do that i'm gonna i'm gonna let you i'm gonna let ... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why did the narrator choose to avoid playing chess as a child?

The narrator deliberately chose to avoid playing chess as a child because they felt that their mathematical mind and interests would cause them to become too invested in the game and lose moderation. They only played chess occasionally at parties while having fun and making mistakes.

Q: How does the narrator view chess as a game?

The narrator sees chess as a beautiful game that involves not just opening lines, positions, and tactics but also the mental challenge of solving puzzles while interacting and having fun with another player. They believe that their low level of play and approach of having fun while playing is a valid way to celebrate chess.

Q: What is the significance of the narrator mentioning Fisher and Spassky in the game?

The narrator mentions Fisher and Spassky to highlight their admiration for Bobby Fisher and his belief that chess is a draw. They use Fisher's opening moves to pay tribute to him and aim to represent him in the game.

Q: Why does the narrator say that Rizza has too many choices in the game?

The narrator wants to overwhelm Rizza with a variety of good choices, hoping that they will make a mistake due to the pressure. They try to paralyze Rizza with options and take advantage of any missteps.

Q: How does the narrator feel about their own performance in the game?

The narrator admits that they are not playing at a grandmaster level and may make mistakes. However, they enjoy the game and are focused on having fun while trash-talking and making moves that create an entertaining match.

Q: What is the significance of the discovery move with the rook check?

The discovery move with the rook check is significant because it sets up a tough-looking check that forces Rizza to make certain moves to counter it. The narrator uses this move strategically to create a challenging situation for Rizza.

Q: Why does the narrator mention white guys loving black women during the game?

The narrator makes this comment in a playful and lighthearted manner, possibly as a joke or an unrelated reference to the chess game. It is not directly related to the gameplay itself.


This video features a game of chess between two individuals, with playful banter and strategy discussions throughout. They talk about their strengths and weaknesses in chess, the importance of timing in the game, and the different approaches one can take in playing chess. Despite making some blunders, they continue to have fun and enjoy the game.

Questions & Answers

Q: Why did the person in the video choose not to play chess when they were younger?

The person deliberately chose not to play chess when they were younger because they realized that with their mathematical mind and interests, they would become fully immersed and moderation would be impossible. They wanted to avoid becoming too consumed by the game and preferred to only play it occasionally at parties.

Q: How does the person in the video describe chess?

The person in the video describes chess as a beautiful game that goes beyond just opening lines, positions, and tactics. They believe that chess is also about two humans using their minds to solve puzzles while enjoying conversation and having fun together. They see chess as an opportunity for beginners to learn and play with a lighthearted approach.

Q: What strategy does one of the players use to try and provoke mistakes in their opponent?

One of the players employs a strategy of overwhelming their opponent with multiple good choices, aiming to paralyze them mentally and increase the chances of their opponent making a mistake. They believe that making their opponent nervous can lead to errors, especially when playing in front of a camera.

Q: Why does one player feel nervous about making a mistake on camera?

The player feels nervous about making a mistake on camera because they believe it would be embarrassing, especially when they are in a dominant position and winning. They consider the potential judgment from others and the impact it would have on their reputation as a chess player.

Q: How does one of the players approach the game in terms of sacrifices and taking risks?

One of the players embraces a fun and playful approach to the game, which includes sacrificing pieces and taking risks to make the game more entertaining. They believe that sacrificing pieces can provoke their opponent to make mistakes and contribute to a more enjoyable experience overall.

Q: What does one of the players mention about the significance of the discovery during the game?

One of the players references a discovery move in the game that had been set up several moves ago. They mention that this discovery move was meant to create a tough-looking check and put pressure on their opponent. They also humorously connect this concept to the idea that "white guys love black women."

Q: In the game, why does one of the players regret taking a certain piece?

One of the players regrets taking a particular piece because it turns out that the piece they took was not the most strategically advantageous choice. They realize that they should have taken a different piece that would have put them in a better position. This mistake ended up negatively impacting their game.

Q: How does one of the players use the element of timing in their strategy?

One of the players emphasizes the importance of timing in chess and aims to create distractions and unpredictability for their opponent. They want to make their opponent nervous and force them to make hasty decisions under pressure. They see the element of timing as a powerful trick to gain an advantage in the game.

Q: What do the players discuss about their feelings towards sacrificing pawns in the game?

The players discuss the significance of sacrificing pawns in chess. One player suggests that pawns are not the key to achieving their desired game outcome and offers to let the other player have the pawns. The other player humorously responds by saying they will knock the first player out instead of taking the pawns.

Q: How does one of the players feel about being outnumbered in terms of available moves?

One of the players feels overwhelmed by the number of options they have and describes it as overwhelming. They appreciate that the other player acknowledges this feeling, as they also find it challenging to navigate through the numerous possibilities. They understand that careful decision-making is necessary to avoid making a mistake.


This video showcases a game of chess played in a lighthearted and fun manner. It emphasizes the importance of enjoying the game, whether one is a beginner or more experienced. The players discuss different strategies, the significance of timing, and the willingness to take risks. Despite making mistakes and navigating through overwhelming options, they continue to have a good time.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The video features the narrator playing a game of chess with Rizza and includes fun banter and trash-talking throughout.

  • They discuss their approaches to the game and the importance of having fun while playing.

  • The moves made by both players are analyzed, with Rizza making aggressive moves and the narrator trying to protect their pieces.

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