Joe Rogan Experience #1516 - Post Malone | Summary and Q&A

July 29, 2020
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Joe Rogan Experience #1516 - Post Malone

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This video features an interview with a musician discussing various topics, including living in Utah, the creative process, vulnerability, and the existence of aliens and ghosts.

Questions & Answers

Q: Why does the musician live in Utah?

The musician lives in Utah because he fell in love with its beauty and the peacefulness of the environment. He was drawn to the fact that it is a hidden gem due to misconceptions about Mormons, which keeps many people away.

Q: What made the musician choose Utah over other places?

The musician had lived in various cities before, but found it difficult to focus on his music due to the constant distractions and activities that come with living in a busy city like Los Angeles. Utah provided him with a serene and peaceful environment where he could focus solely on his music.

Q: Does the musician believe in the existence of aliens?

The musician shares his experiences with UFO sightings and believes that there might be some truth to the existence of aliens. He shares stories of seeing strange lights and shapes in the sky and believes that there could be other life forms out there.

Q: What role does creativity play in the musician's life?

The musician believes that creativity is a spontaneous and unpredictable process. He describes his ideas as often coming to him as accidents or spur-of-the-moment inspirations. He finds that vulnerability, which can be brought on by substances like weed and mushrooms, opens up a gateway to new creative ideas.

Q: How does the musician view ghosts and paranormal phenomena?

The musician admits to not having a solid belief in ghosts but acknowledges the abundance of stories and experiences surrounding them. He speculates that the heightened senses and psychological state that come with being scared or in the dark might contribute to these sightings and experiences.

Q: Does the musician believe in the stone tape theory?

The musician is unfamiliar with the stone tape theory, which suggests that certain locations can retain the energy or memories of past events, leading to hauntings or residual hauntings. However, he does entertain the idea that some places might have a lingering energy or presence that contributes to ghostly experiences.

Q: What are the musician's thoughts on the possibility of genetic manipulation by extraterrestrial beings?

The musician finds the idea of genetic manipulation intriguing and believes that it is not impossible for humans to be a product of such manipulation. He mentions the theories about ancient aliens and the possibility that ancient civilizations had interactions with extraterrestrial beings.

Q: Does the musician believe in the value of gold as attributed by ancient civilizations?

The musician expresses skepticism about gold's value being solely due to its physical attributes. He suggests that historical fascination with gold could be influenced by other factors, such as its scarcity or aesthetic appeal. He also humorously brings up the possibility of someone tricking another person into thinking diamonds are valuable.

Q: What are the musician's thoughts on the potential existence of aliens and their interactions with humans?

The musician acknowledges the possibility of aliens being real and potentially interacting with humans. He ponders whether aliens could be observing or manipulating us, but also suggests that we might not be able to comprehend their intentions or motives.

Q: How does the musician view the act of creation and its impact on people's lives?

The musician believes that the act of creation, whether it be music, art, or any other form of expression, has a profound impact on both the creator and the audience. He considers it a magical and unexplained phenomenon that connects people and brings a sense of unity and fulfillment.


The musician's discussion touches on various thought-provoking ideas, including the possibility of aliens, the existence of ghosts, and the intriguing concept of creative inspiration. While these topics may remain speculative and open to interpretation, exploring them adds an element of curiosity and wonder to our understanding of the world around us.

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