How To Use A.I. To Clone Ourselves So We Get More Done | Alicia Lyttle | TEDxRockville | Summary and Q&A

September 29, 2023
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How To Use A.I. To Clone Ourselves So We Get More Done | Alicia Lyttle | TEDxRockville


AI cloning allows individuals to leverage technology to save time, create content, and make a greater impact on the world.

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Key Insights

  • ⌛ AI cloning offers the opportunity to save time and increase productivity by outsourcing mundane tasks.
  • 💨 Writing and voice cloning AI tools can closely mimic an individual's style, making content creation faster and more efficient.
  • 😒 The use of AI cloning can lead to a larger impact on the world by allowing individuals to create more content and share their knowledge.
  • ❓ Ethical responsibility is crucial when using AI cloning, as it should be used to enhance and not replace human interactions.
  • 😃 AI cloning can help individuals realize their dreams and passions by freeing up time for activities that bring them joy.
  • 🌀 AI clones don't experience fatigue or mood swings, making them highly efficient in completing tasks.
  • 🛟 The speaker's personal experience with cancer drives her to help others understand the potential of technology, including AI, in improving their lives.
  • 🔨 AI is a tool that should be harnessed responsibly to augment human capabilities and extend reach.


thank you a i a i a i everybody is talking about Ai and that's what we're gonna discuss today specifically we're going to talk about AI cloning why because I cloned myself why would I do that time you see 20 years ago I found myself sitting in my doctor's office and in my doctor's office she called me in and asked me to bring in my family and I bro... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What inspired the speaker to explore AI cloning?

The speaker's cancer diagnosis made her realize the importance of time and finding ways to be more productive and efficient. This motivated her to explore AI cloning.

Q: How does the speaker use AI to clone herself?

The speaker uses AI tools to mimic her writing style and voice. She provides her bio and transcripts to the AI, which then generates content that closely resembles her own.

Q: What benefits does AI cloning offer?

AI cloning saves time by automating tasks such as writing and podcast editing. It allows individuals to create more content, make a bigger impact, and focus on activities that bring them joy.

Q: Is AI cloning a replacement for human interaction?

No, AI cloning is meant to enhance productivity and efficiency. It frees up time for individuals to engage in human interactions and activities that are uniquely human.


In this video, Alicia Darby shares her experience with AI cloning and discusses the benefits of leveraging AI to save time and enhance productivity. She talks about how she used AI tools to clone her writing style and voice, allowing her to create content efficiently. Alicia explores the possibilities and implications of AI cloning, emphasizing the importance of using technology responsibly and ethically.

Questions & Answers

Q: Why did Alicia decide to explore AI cloning?

Alicia decided to explore AI cloning because she wanted to reclaim her time and make the most out of every minute. After a life-threatening experience with cancer, she realized the value of time and wanted to focus on meaningful tasks that provided value in her life.

Q: How did Alicia use AI to clone herself?

Alicia used the chatbot tool called ChatGPT, owned by Open AI, to clone herself. She provided the tool with her bio and transcripts of her presentations, instructing it to write as her in her style and tone of voice. Alicia was impressed with how accurately the tool captured her writing and teaching style.

Q: How did Alicia verify if AI could write like her?

Alicia asked ChatGPT to write a blog post for her in her tone and style. To her delight, the tool was able to generate the content in less than 60 seconds, compared to the two hours it would take her to write. After reading the output, Alicia confirmed that it felt exactly like something she would say, confirming that AI could indeed mimic her style effectively.

Q: What were the benefits of AI cloning for Alicia?

The main benefit of AI cloning for Alicia was the significant time saved. She calculated that AI Alicia could write 24 blog posts, including rewrites and additions, in the same time it would take her to write one. This time-saving allowed Alicia to pursue other passions, such as starting a podcast and spending quality time with her family.

Q: How did Alicia clone her voice using AI?

Alicia used a tool called 11 Lab to upload three audio recordings of herself, specifically recorded to get a clone of her voice. The tool was able to generate a cloned version of her voice based on these audio samples.

Q: How did others perceive Alicia's cloned voice?

Alicia's sister and her fiance could not tell the difference between her AI voice and her human voice. They complimented her on the clarity, enthusiasm, and message of the podcast episode that used the AI voice. This confirmed that AI cloning could generate a voice that closely resembled Alicia's own.

Q: What were the advantages of using AI Alicia's voice for Alicia's podcast?

AI Alicia's voice helped save time in the editing process of the podcast episodes. Additionally, episodes with AI Alicia's voice had more downloads and through plays compared to episodes with Alicia's human voice, indicating that the AI voice was well-received by the audience.

Q: Did Alicia have any concerns or doubts about AI cloning?

Alicia initially had concerns about whether the cloned content truly represented her and her style. However, after reading the blog post generated by AI Alicia, she was convinced that it captured her essence accurately. She also questioned whether she should feel jealous of her AI clone, as it appeared better than her in some aspects.

Q: Did AI Alicia have any limitations or requirements?

AI Alicia had no emotions or moods, and it did not have preferences or moods for completing tasks. It was always ready and available to assist Alicia with any content she needed. AI Alicia functioned without fatigue or frustration and was able to work endlessly without requiring breaks or vacation.

Q: What did Alicia do with the extra time saved by AI cloning?

Alicia spent her extra time doing activities that required human interaction and brought her joy. She enjoyed spending time with her family, doing crafts with her fiance's daughter, and adopted a real puppy named Bruno. She emphasized the importance of using the time saved to engage in activities that make us uniquely human.


The use of AI cloning can be a powerful tool to save time, produce quality content, and enhance productivity. However, it is essential to be responsible and ethical in our use of AI, keeping in mind the importance of human connection and our unique contributions. AI is not intended to replace us but rather to support and extend our impact. With AI cloning, we can explore endless possibilities and fulfill our dreams while making a positive difference in the world.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The speaker shares her personal experience of being diagnosed with cancer, which made her rethink how she spends her time.

  • She discovers the power of AI and starts utilizing it to outsource mundane tasks and save time.

  • Through AI writing and voice cloning, she is able to create content faster and more efficiently.

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