Bobby Lee: Comedy, Skyrim, Sex Robots, Love, Fame, and Power | Lex Fridman Podcast #287 | Summary and Q&A

May 20, 2022
Lex Fridman
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Bobby Lee: Comedy, Skyrim, Sex Robots, Love, Fame, and Power | Lex Fridman Podcast #287


Comedian Bobby Lee opens up about his struggles with addiction, his complex relationship with fellow comedian Carlos Mencia, and his journey towards self-improvement and recovery.

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Key Insights

  • 🛀 Loyalty and long-lasting relationships are important to Bobby Lee, and he values the support and belief his friends have shown him throughout his career.
  • 🤳 Bobby Lee's struggles with addiction and self-criticism stem from his childhood experiences, but he is committed to self-improvement and living a healthier life.
  • ❓ The tension between Bobby Lee and Carlos Mencia highlights the complexities of forgiveness, loyalty, and personal growth in the comedy industry.
  • 🍝 Bobby Lee's experiences with exclusion, insecurity, and past traumas have shaped his outlook on life and his desire to help others through laughter and empathy.


if you and I were able to go into Skyrim right and walk around and live together would we make love no no no man don't go there okay no no no because we like girls man the following is a conversation with Bobby Lee a stand-up comedian and podcaster and one of the funniest humans on the planet and just someone who brings joy to my heart with a mix o... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How did Bobby Lee feel about not being invited to Andrew Schultz's wedding?

Bobby Lee admits that not being invited initially hurt him, as he has always felt a sense of exclusion and not being liked throughout his life. However, he has since worked through these feelings and is trying to let go of the resentment.

Q: Why did Bobby Lee cut ties with Carlos Mencia?

Bobby Lee had a close friendship with Carlos Mencia in the past, but allegations of joke stealing caused a rift between them. Bobby made the difficult decision to distance himself from Carlos and focus on his own career and personal growth.

Q: How did Bobby Lee handle his recent relapse and struggles with addiction?

Bobby Lee reached a point where he realized he needed help and checked himself into a psychological program in Arizona. He has since gotten sober and is actively working on freeing himself from past baggage and destructive behaviors.

Q: What insights has Bobby Lee gained from his relationship with Kalila?

Bobby acknowledges that his relationship with Kalila has taught him the importance of trust, open communication, and acceptance. He values her love, support, and belief in his potential, which has helped him grow and navigate through challenging times.


This conversation with Bobby Lee covers topics ranging from his feelings about not being invited to Andrew Schultz's wedding to his relationship with Kalila, his struggles with self-criticism and dark thoughts, and his experiences with addiction and depression. Bobby opens up about his childhood, his regrets about his relationship with his late father, and his journey towards self-improvement and healing.

Questions & Answers

Q: How did Bobby feel about not being invited to Andrew Schultz's wedding?

Bobby confesses that not being invited hurt him deeply, and he even had revenge fantasies. However, he has realized the importance of letting go and moving on, thanks to therapy and personal growth.

Q: Does Bobby still feel like an outsider despite his success?

Despite his accomplishments as a comedian, Bobby admits that he often still feels like an outsider. He struggles with negative thoughts and self-criticism, but he wants to break free from these patterns and live a more positive and free life.

Q: Is Bobby a minimalist?

No, Bobby confesses that he has a shopping addiction and enjoys buying things, especially when he's on the road. He admits to owning a lot of stuff but mentions that he recently bought a couch for the first time due to guest complaints.

Q: Has Bobby played video games like Elder Scrolls?

Bobby is a big fan of video games, particularly open-world games like the Elder Scrolls series. He enjoys the sense of freedom and choice these games offer, as well as the ability to grind and collect items.

Q: Would Bobby live in the Elder Scrolls world if given the chance?

Bobby expresses his love for the Elder Scrolls games and the idea of living in that world, but he clarifies that the appeal is not for romantic relationships. He humorously mentions wanting to be the guy who defends their place and gathers resources, while Lex plays the hero.

Q: Has Bobby ever considered suicide?

Bobby reveals that he has distantly thought about suicide, but he describes it as a dark place he has been in mentally. He shares a personal experience where he was in a hotel room, feeling severely depressed and contemplating his own mortality.

Q: What does Bobby love most about Kalila?

Bobby gushes about Kalila, his girlfriend and co-host of the TigerBelly podcast. He mentions her ability to make him laugh, her support, and the feeling of trust and comfort he has with her.

Q: Did Bobby's father's death affect him?

Yes, Bobby's father's death had a significant impact on him. He reflects on his regrets and wishes for more meaningful conversations before his father's passing. He thinks about his father daily and misses him, even if their relationship was complicated.

Q: What has been the darkest place Bobby has gone in his mind?

Bobby shares a personal and vulnerable moment when he was alone in a hotel room, feeling consumed by darkness and contemplating his own death. He mentions his struggles with addiction, depression, and self-destructive behaviors.

Q: How did Bobby get out of that dark place?

Bobby credits getting sober and seeking rigorous therapy as key factors in his healing process. He underwent intensive psychotherapy in Arizona, spending 12 hours a day with therapists, which helped him confront his pain and begin his journey towards recovery.


This conversation with Bobby Lee dives deep into his experiences and emotions, shedding light on his struggles with self-criticism, addiction, and depression. It emphasizes the importance of seeking help, finding supportive relationships, and working towards self-improvement and healing. Bobby's candidness highlights the challenges he has faced throughout his life and the determination he has to overcome them.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Bobby Lee discusses his feelings of exclusion and insecurity in the comedy industry, particularly relating to not being invited to Andrew Schultz's wedding.

  • He reflects on his past resentments and revenge fantasies towards Carlos Mencia, and the difficult decision to cut ties with him due to allegations of joke stealing.

  • Bobby talks about his experiences with addiction, including a recent relapse, and his commitment to sobriety and self-improvement.

  • He shares his insights on love, relationships, and the importance of open communication and acceptance in his relationship with his girlfriend Kalila.

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