We Wish To Inform You: Stories from Rwanda

By Philip Gourevitch
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"We Wish to Inform You" by Philip Gourevitch is a powerful and deeply disturbing account of the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Gourevitch takes readers on a journey through the horrific events that unfolded during the 100-day period of mass slaughter, primarily targeting the Tutsi ethnic group.

With meticulous research and insightful interviews, Gourevitch paints a vivid and harrowing picture of the genocide's origins and its catastrophic consequences. He explores the failures of the international community and the role played by Hutu extremists in propagating hate and violence.

Gourevitch also delves into the personal stories of survivors, recounting their experiences and their struggles to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of the genocide. This human element adds a poignant dimension to the narrative, showing the resilience and strength of those who survived unimaginable horrors.

The book not only uncovers the truth about the genocide but also examines the broader themes of colonialism, power dynamics, and the devastating consequences of ethnic divisions. Gourevitch's writing is sharp, lucid, and imparts an emotional impact that resonates long after the last page.

"We Wish to Inform You" is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand the complexities of the Rwandan genocide and its enduring impact on the world. Gourevitch's insights and empathy make this book an invaluable resource for both scholars and general readers.
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