The House of Getty

By Russell Miller
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"The House of Getty" by Russell Miller is a compelling exposé that uncovers the captivating life and legacy of the iconic Getty family. Miller delves into the tumultuous history of the Gettys, beginning with the rise of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty.

The book traces the family's journey from their humble beginnings in the oil fields of Oklahoma to their unprecedented wealth and influence in the 20th century. Miller meticulously unravels the complex relationships, scandals, and tragedies that have plagued the Gettys throughout their storied lineage.

With an unflinching eye, Miller shines a light on J. Paul Getty's notorious frugality, exploring his penny-pinching ways and sordid personal life. The author unearths shocking details about Getty's troubled relationships with his children, including the notorious kidnapping of his grandson.

"The House of Getty" also delves into the family's impact on the art world, as J. Paul Getty ventured into the realm of collecting and built the renowned Getty Museum. Miller uncovers the controversies surrounding the Getty's acquisition of rare art pieces, shedding light on the family's quest for cultural dominance.

An engrossing narrative that skillfully blends biography and investigative journalism, "The House of Getty" offers a comprehensive and nuanced portrait of one of the world's wealthiest families. Miller's authoritative account leaves readers spellbound, as he delves into the dark recesses of wealth, power, and the pursuit of legacy.
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