The Golden Trade of the Moors: West African Kingdoms in the Fourteenth Century

By E. W. Bovill
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"The Golden Trade of the Moors" by E. W. Bovill delves into the historical significance and economic impact of the trans-Saharan trade networks established by the West African Moors during the Middle Ages.

Through meticulous research and engaging storytelling, Bovill offers an insightful exploration of the intricate networks of trade and cultural exchange that spanned across the Sahara Desert. The book illuminates the key role played by the Moors in connecting sub-Saharan Africa with the Mediterranean world.

Bovill presents a comprehensive overview of the commodities that flowed through these trade routes, highlighting the abundance of gold, slaves, ivory, salt, and numerous other goods. The author delves into the rich cultural interactions between the Muslim Berber traders and the West Africans, shedding light on the religious, linguistic, and sociopolitical dynamics that emerged from these encounters.

Throughout the book, readers are introduced to prominent historical figures such as Mansa Musa, the renowned Malian emperor, whose extravagant pilgrimage to Mecca demonstrated the enormous wealth and power of the Western Sudan. Bovill's narrative skillfully captures the challenges faced by the Moors, including territorial rivalries, Saharan hazards, and the disruptive impact of the Portuguese in the 15th century.

"The Golden Trade of the Moors" is not only a captivating account of the trans-Saharan trade but also a fascinating commentary on the global significance of African civilizations during this period. Bovill's extensive research and compelling storytelling provide readers with a deeper understanding of the Moors' enduring contributions to the world economy and the cultural fabric of West Africa.
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