The Future Is Asian: Global Order in the Twenty-First Century

By Parag Khanna
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The Future Is Asian by Parag Khanna is a visionary and incisive exploration of the rapid rise of Asia and its influential impact on the world stage.

Khanna delves into the multifaceted factors driving Asia's growing power, highlighting its economic prowess, technological advancements, and cultural vibrancy. He argues that the future global order will be shaped by the emergence of Asian powers as key players in international politics, challenging the long-held dominance of the West.

Through meticulous research and compelling analysis, Khanna demonstrates how Asia's interconnected economies and cutting-edge innovations are reshaping industries, trade routes, and geopolitical dynamics. He brings attention to the region's infrastructure investments, growing middle class, and increasing urbanization that contribute to its economic momentum.

Khanna also dissects the intricate web of relationships among Asian nations, reflecting on historical tensions, ongoing disputes, and the potential for collaborative solutions. He emphasizes the importance of regional connectivity and cooperation, envisioning an "Asianization" of global affairs that can lead to greater stability and prosperity.

In this thought-provoking book, Khanna challenges conventional narratives and encourages readers to reimagine the future through an Asian lens. The Future Is Asian illuminates the continent's rise and examines the opportunities and challenges it presents, offering readers an insightful and holistic understanding of the Asian century.
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