The Billionaire Shell Game: How Cable Baron John Malone and Assorted Corporate Titans Invented a Future Nobody Wanted

By L. J. Davis
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"The Billionaire Shell Game" by L. J. Davis is a fast-paced thriller that follows the lives of two ambitious characters caught in a web of deceit and power games.

Frank Ross, an opportunistic and brilliant investment banker, finds himself entangled in a high-stakes scheme orchestrated by a shady billionaire, Bernard Lesco. As Frank becomes Lesco's right-hand man, he discovers that their business dealings involve shady partnerships, fraudulent practices, and a dangerous game of power.

Simultaneously, Sarah Turner, a talented investigative journalist, stumbles upon evidence suggesting Lesco's involvement in illegal activities. Determined to expose the truth, Sarah becomes a formidable opponent to both the billionaire and Frank.

As the plot unfolds, Frank finds himself torn between loyalty to Lesco and his growing admiration for Sarah's relentless pursuit of justice. With each move, Frank risks losing everything he has worked for, while Sarah faces life-threatening consequences in her quest for the truth.

In a twisted and treacherous world where alliances shift constantly, Frank and Sarah must navigate through a dangerous maze of lies, greed, and manipulation. With their lives on the line, they must uncover the real motives behind Lesco's game and expose the billionaire's dark secrets.

"The Billionaire Shell Game" is an electrifying tale of ambition, betrayal, and redemption. Will Frank and Sarah survive the ruthless billionaire's ploy, or will they become mere pawns in the ultimate game of power?
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