Self-Made Success: Ivy League Shark Tank Entrepreneur Reveals 48 Secret Strategies To Live Happier, Healthier, And Wealthier

By Shaan Patel
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"Self-Made Success" by Shaan Patel is a concise and practical guide to achieving success on your own terms. In this book, Patel shares his personal journey from a high school student struggling academically to becoming an entrepreneur and getting accepted into prestigious universities.

The book outlines a step-by-step approach to developing a growth mindset and setting clear goals. Patel provides actionable tips on effective time management, building a strong work ethic, and cultivating a resilient attitude towards failure.

Readers will also find valuable insights on leveraging their strengths, networking effectively, and seizing opportunities. Patel emphasizes the importance of developing a personal brand and leveraging social media platforms to accelerate personal and professional growth.

With a focus on entrepreneurship, "Self-Made Success" offers guidance on assessing business ideas, creating strategic plans, and securing funding. Patel's personal experiences and case studies are interwoven throughout, providing real-world examples and inspiring success stories.

This book is a concise yet comprehensive guide to finding success on your own terms. By adopting the strategies and mindset outlined by Patel, readers can gain the confidence and determination needed to overcome obstacles, achieve their goals, and ultimately become self-made successes.
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