Scaling People: Tactics for Management and Company Building

By Claire Hughes Johnson
"Scaling People" by Claire Hughes Johnson is a thought-provoking and practical guide that examines the significance of people operations in scaling successful organizations.

In this concise and insightful book, Johnson draws from her extensive experience as the Chief Operating Officer of Stripe, a leading global technology company, to provide actionable strategies and approaches for building and growing impactful teams.

The book delves into the critical components of effective people operations, focusing on hiring, onboarding, culture, diversity and inclusion, performance management, and leadership development. Johnson offers practical steps for optimizing each stage of the employee lifecycle to ensure sustained growth and success.

With a keen understanding of the challenges and complexities inherent in scaling an organization, Johnson explores how to foster a culture that attracts and retains top talent. She emphasizes the importance of proactive hiring practices, transparent onboarding processes, and cultivating a sense of belonging.

Furthermore, Johnson highlights the significance of creating an inclusive work environment that embraces diversity, promotes collaboration, and fosters innovation. She provides actionable advice on driving performance and growth through efficient goal-setting frameworks, continuous feedback, and professional development opportunities.

This concise and precise book aims to provide executives, managers, and HR professionals with practical insights and proven strategies to effectively scale their organizations through people-centered approaches. "Scaling People" offers a roadmap for building and nurturing high-performing teams that drive long-term success.
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