Rage Becomes Her: The Power of Women's Anger

By Soraya Chemaly
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Rage Becomes Her confronts the societal expectations placed on women, urging them to suppress their anger. Soraya Chemaly examines the effects of this anger inequality on women's mental and physical health.

Drawing on research, personal stories, and cultural analysis, she dismantles the stereotypes surrounding female anger and highlights how it can be a powerful force for change.

Chemaly explores the origins of this anger gap, tracing it back to childhood and revealing the ways in which social conditioning perpetuates it. She also delves into the connection between anger and sexism, discussing the ways in which the two intersect and reinforce each other.

Rage Becomes Her tackles the forces that silence women's anger, arguing that embracing it can lead to empowerment and liberation. By providing practical strategies to harness anger constructively, Chemaly offers a roadmap for women to reclaim their emotions and fight for justice.

This groundbreaking book challenges the status quo and provides a compelling case for the transformative potential of female rage.
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