My Forty Years with Ford

By Charles E Sorensen
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"My Forty Years with Ford" by Charles E. Sorensen is a compelling memoir that offers a firsthand account of Sorensen's remarkable journey with the Ford Motor Company.

With over four decades of experience, Sorensen takes readers behind the scenes of one of the most influential automotive manufacturers in history. He shares captivating stories and insights, providing invaluable perspectives on the growth and innovation of the Ford Motor Company.

From his early days working directly with Henry Ford himself to witnessing the development of the Model T and the assembly line, Sorensen offers a unique perspective on the company's transformative moments.

Sorensen discusses the challenges faced during the Great Depression and World War II, along with the strategies and decisions that led to Ford's post-war success.

Moreover, Sorensen delves into his own role in shaping the company's production methods and revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. His contributions to the development of the legendary Rouge manufacturing complex and his influence on mass production techniques are captured in detail.

Through this memoir, readers gain a deep understanding of the inner workings of the Ford Motor Company and the man who played a significant part in its success. Sorensen's honest reflections and remarkable anecdotes provide an intimate portrait of a company and era that shaped the automotive world.
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