Innovating Out of Crisis

By Shigetaka Komori
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"Innovating Out of Crisis" by Shigetaka Komori offers a transformative roadmap for organizations facing challenging times. Drawing from his extensive experience as the former CEO of Fujifilm Holdings Corporation, Komori explores how innovative thinking can lead companies out of crisis.

In this insightful book, Komori emphasizes the importance of embracing change and taking calculated risks. He reveals how Fujifilm emerged stronger from its struggles, transitioning from a traditional film manufacturer to a diverse, technology-driven corporation. Komori outlines key strategies that enabled Fujifilm's successful reinvention, such as redefining the company's mission, fostering a culture of open innovation, and actively seeking new business opportunities.

Furthermore, "Innovating Out of Crisis" combines practical advice with real-life examples to illustrate the power of disruptive thinking. Komori explores the value of collaboration, both within the organization and through strategic partnerships. He also highlights the significance of anticipating future trends and staying ahead of the curve, leveraging technology to drive innovation and market growth.

With precise and concise prose, Komori delivers a comprehensive guide that empowers leaders to navigate crises and unlock new possibilities. "Innovating Out of Crisis" offers actionable insights that can be applied by businesses of all sizes and industries, inspiring them to embrace innovation as a means for survival and long-term success.
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