How The Internet Happened: From Netscape to the iPhone

By Brian McCullough
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How The Internet Happened by Brian McCullough is a captivating account of the history and evolution of the internet. Through meticulous research and insightful analysis, McCullough takes the readers on a journey to understand the various factors and key players that shaped the internet as we know it today.

Starting from the early days of ARPANET and the development of packet-switching technology, McCullough delves into the crucial milestones that propelled the internet's growth. He explores the transformational impact of Tim Berners-Lee's invention of the World Wide Web, highlighting the fundamental shift it brought to the accessibility and usability of the internet.

McCullough also sheds light on the rise and fall of tech giants like Netscape and AOL, providing valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities they faced. He explores the dot-com bubble and its aftermath, dissecting the lessons learned from this pivotal era in internet history.

Additionally, How The Internet Happened examines the influence of Silicon Valley and the entrepreneurial spirit that drove innovations in areas like search engines, e-commerce, and social media platforms. McCullough skillfully connects these developments to their societal and economic implications, opening up discussions on privacy, user data, and the virtual monopolies that emerged.

With its engaging narrative style and comprehensive research, How The Internet Happened offers readers a captivating and accessible look at the extraordinary journey of online connectivity. McCullough's book serves as a valuable resource for anyone interested in understanding how the internet became an integral part of modern-day life.
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