Born Red: A Chronicle of the Cultural Revolution

By Gao Yuan
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Born Red is a compelling memoir written by Gao Yuan. Set during China’s Cultural Revolution, Yuan recounts his personal experiences as a young Red Guard.

As a passionate believer in Chairman Mao’s ideology, Yuan eagerly joins the ranks of the Red Guards, determined to play an active role in the revolutionary movement.

However, as the revolution unfolds, Yuan witnesses the devastating effects of power struggles and ideological fanaticism. He becomes disillusioned with the movement's violent tactics and starts questioning the oppressive regime's actions.

Yuan's transformation is further propelled by his encounter with a rural elderly woman, who challenges his perspective on the revolution. Her stories of suffering and resilience shake his once-unwavering beliefs.

Throughout the memoir, Yuan exposes the brutal reality of the Cultural Revolution—telling stories of violence, betrayal, and loss. He eloquently reflects on the impact of blind loyalty and the anguish of families torn apart by political divides.

Born Red is a poignant exploration of the human cost of revolution and the resilience of the human spirit. It offers a unique insight into one young man's journey of self-discovery and an in-depth examination of a dark period in China’s history.
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