Black Edge: Inside Information, Dirty Money, and the Quest to Bring Down the Most Wanted Man on Wall Street

By Sheelah Kolhatkar
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"Black Edge" by Sheelah Kolhatkar is a meticulously researched and gripping account of the rise and fall of hedge fund manager Steven Cohen and his firm, SAC Capital.

Kolhatkar delves into the world of high-stakes finance and exposes the culture of secrecy and greed that permeated Wall Street during the era leading up to the financial crisis.

She uncovers the illicit practices employed by Cohen and his traders, including insider trading and market manipulation, and provides a detailed examination of the legal investigations that eventually caught up with them.

Through interviews with key players and access to confidential documents, Kolhatkar paints a vivid portrait of the inner workings of SAC Capital and reveals the lengths to which Cohen went to maintain his extraordinary levels of success.

"Black Edge" raises important questions about the ethics and accountability of the financial industry and offers valuable insights into the consequences of unregulated, unchecked power.

This gripping and shocking narrative is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding the darker side of Wall Street and the flaws in the financial system that allowed it to flourish.
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