Architects of the Web: 1,000 Days that Built the Future of Business

By Robert Reid
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"Architects of the Web" by Robert Reid is a thought-provoking exploration of the visionaries who paved the way for the modern internet.Reid delves into the stories of individuals such as Tim Berners-Lee, Marc Andreessen, and Larry Page, highlighting their groundbreaking ideas and tireless efforts in shaping the web as we know it today.With meticulous research and insightful analysis, Reid uncovers the challenges faced by these architects, from the early days of ARPANET to the dot-com boom, and how they navigated complex business and technological landscapes.This book offers not only a comprehensive history, but also an examination of the long-lasting impact these architects have had on society, from revolutionizing communication and information sharing to transforming entire industries.With its accessible and engaging writing style, "Architects of the Web" is a must-read for technology enthusiasts and anyone curious about the origins, evolution, and future of the internet.
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