A Story Lately Told: Coming of Age in Ireland, London, and New York

By Anjelica Huston
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"A Story Lately Told" is a compelling memoir by Anjelica Huston, taking readers on a journey through her formative years. In this introspective narrative, Huston invites us into her world, sharing vivid and heartfelt recollections of her childhood in Ireland, her unconventional upbringing in Los Angeles, and her struggles with identity and belonging.

The memoir opens with Huston's early years growing up in the remote Irish countryside, surrounded by the enchanting landscape and eccentric characters who shaped her perspective on life. She recounts her experiences with honesty and charm, exploring the joys and challenges of coming of age in a world steeped in old-world traditions.

Transitioning from the idyllic Irish countryside to the bustling streets of Los Angeles, Huston delves into her unique childhood as the daughter of legendary film director John Huston. She reflects on the glamour and excitement of a Hollywood upbringing, while also revealing the complexities of navigating her relationships within a bohemian and often chaotic environment.

Throughout the book, Huston grapples with the dualities of her heritage, torn between her Irish roots and her American identity. As she matures, she finds her place within the multi-faceted world of acting, discovering her passion for the craft and carving out her own path in the shadow of her famous father.

Interspersed with anecdotes about the vibrant cultural scene of the 1960s and 1970s, Huston shares intimate glimpses into her relationships with iconic figures such as Jack Nicholson and Roman Polanski, providing a candid and insiders' look at the inner workings of the entertainment industry.

With prose that is both lyrical and introspective, Huston paints a captivating portrait of her early life, inviting readers to witness her transformation from uncertain young girl to confident woman. "A Story Lately Told" is a touching and insightful memoir that explores themes of identity, family, and the pursuit of self-discovery, offering readers a window into the life of one of Hollywood's most iconic actresses.
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