The Worst Books I Read in 2019 | Summary and Q&A

January 7, 2020
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The Worst Books I Read in 2019


The content discusses the five worst books the speaker read in 2019, including "Pachinko," "Dead Woman Walking," "The Huntress," "Hex," and "An Unwanted Guest."

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Key Insights

  • 🖤 "Pachinko" was considered boring due to a lack of significant events and uninteresting characters.
  • ✍️ "Dead Woman Walking" had uneventful and lackluster writing, failing to deliver a thrilling experience.
  • 😥 "The Huntress" disappointed in terms of character development and portrayal of war crimes.
  • 😱 "Hex" failed to evoke fear and was found to be too silly for a horror story.


hi guys it is a broken getting a hooker with it today we're here to talk about the worst books that I read in 2019 I have five that I want to share with you let's get into it now I need to say these are the worst books to me some of this is very very much unpopular opinions for sure and also I did not include DNFs so I did a whole other video about... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why did the speaker dislike "Pachinko"?

The speaker found "Pachinko" boring, with uninteresting characters and a lack of significant events. They also struggled to connect with any of the characters.

Q: What was the issue with "Dead Woman Walking"?

The book was uneventful and had lazy writing. The side story felt repetitive and added no value to the thrilling aspect of the main plot.

Q: What was disappointing about "The Huntress"?

The characters in "The Huntress" were flat and repetitive, with the author failing to properly portray the severity of war crimes. The writing and characters did not resonate with the speaker.

Q: Why did "Hex" not meet the speaker's expectations?

Despite having the potential to be scary, the book came across as silly and failed to evoke fear. The humor included did not work well with the horror genre.

Q: What was lacking in "An Unwanted Guest"?

"An Unwanted Guest" lacked breadcrumbs for the reader to guess the identity of the killer. The atmospheric setting also fell short of its potential to create suspense.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The speaker did not enjoy reading "Pachinko" due to finding it boring with uninteresting characters and lack of significant events.

  • "Dead Woman Walking" was uneventful and had lazy writing, with a repetitive side story that did not contribute to the thrilling aspect.

  • "The Huntress" had flat characters, repetitive dialogue, and failed to properly portray the severity of war crimes.

  • Despite having potential, "Hex" was found to be silly and not scary, with humor that didn't fit well with horror.

  • "An Unwanted Guest" failed to introduce breadcrumbs for readers to guess the killer, and the atmospheric setting was not effectively utilized.

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